Getting Married in  Masseria in Puglia is a fascinating experience while getting married in Italy.  Puglia has a unique romantic atmosphere thanks to the culture and traditions that are present. The Masseria have all been restored and are now luxury hotels and villas offering countless options for weddings. For a more rustic wedding, it is possible to have the ceremony in the courtyard of the farmhouse. Or for a more traditional option, there is an intimate church. For a unique wedding ceremony, some of the Masseria have wonderful rooftop terrace that in special occasion can be used offering spectacular views. Generally Masserias are surrounded by olive groves , almond trees, carob trees because Masseria in Puglia were  a real agricultural centre, dedicated to farming and production, in which the farmer lived with his family, each of them having specific duties and roles. Occasionally there were also sowers, gleaners, shepherds and other workers who helped in the periods of more intense activity.


Immagine yourself having your wedding dinner under the stars or having an happy hour under the dark, blue, romantic sky of Puglia. This region gives you the opportunity to live an experience of brillant and lavish countryside, great food and reflecting deep blue sea. Getting married in Puglia can be incredibile. It is an original and trendy region  for your destination wedding in Italy, a particular place where a sky blue paints onto the sea and melt in a unique dazzling colour.