Team Building

Cooking Team Building Event

This is a half day team building event in which the team work together to create a delicious and traditional  meal from Puglia receipet. The event can be extended to a full day in which teams work to get an ending competition.

The Event Format

Forget tomato, pasta and boiled rice, this day will introduce the team to more complex regional  dishes. Rice potatos and mussels, Eggplant parmigiana, panzerotti with with meat and tomato and mozzarella dishes will all be on the menu.

Not only does the team experience the food preparation but they will enjoy the ultimate team building result; a feast prepared by their own hand with the help of our expert chefs.  The group will be split up into even teams. A professional chef will give an introduction to kitchen skills and provide advice and support throughout. Teams will provide different courses and serve their creations to other teams who will judge them. Table decoration, menu creation and other aspects of running a busy restaurant can be included in longer experiences.

This team building event’ has been designed especially to offer a more sophisticated and cultural team building event to engage and appeal to a wider audience.

The preparation of the dishes involves close team work and good communication. The team will also have to take instruction, listen carefully and work quickly.