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Traditional Italian recipies: Rice, Potatoes and Mussels

It is a stew of various ingredients, raw overlap in distinct layers, sent in a pan in the oven. The composition of pan not follow fixed rules but from space to your creativity, you can add or remove what you want. The potatoes, however, are indispensable !

INGREDIENTS: (4 servings)

300 Gr. Rice
500 Gr. Potatoes
1 Kg. Mussels
1 Garlic clove
Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Clean and brush well the mussels in abundant water, put them in a pan with minced garlic and let them open over medium heat.
Remove the shells and filter their liquid.

Clean, peel and cut the potatoes; put half of them on the bottom of a pot, already greased with oil, season them with pepper, parsley and minced onion.
Cover all with rice, add the mussels and the other potatoes.
Add some pepper and oil, cover with mussels cooking water in addition .
Place the pot into the oven 120 C and let them cook for about 45 minutes.
You don’t need to salt them because the cooking water of the mussels is already salted.
Once cooked transfer to a serving dish and serve


Live Cooking Rice Potatoes and Mussels