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Hell in the Caves’s Show in Castellana

During your holidays in Puglia you can’t miss visiting the several caves, as the beautiful Castellana Caves.  A visit to the caves is one of the stages proposed by EffettoSud promotional tour in PugliaEffettoSud offer to the tourists,  the opportunity to discover a different Puglia, a unique land, wild, reach of incontaminated places. A Puglia who is not  visible to everyone eyes. A Puglia to be feel and lived as an unforgettable experience.

Located about 40 km from Bari, Castellana caves were known since antiquity, although the ancients knew and use only the first part, called the Grave, and gives the cave legends associated with magic and demons. The complete tour of the cave, which extends about 3 km, lasting more than two hours, but you can make a small tour, lasting about 50 minutes.We we want to show you a different way to visit the caves. Being lucky enough to visit this  important Karst topographical feature, the caves of Castellana, with its “Round hole” which draws eyes upwards from underground to the sky letting people “see the stars again” and combining this with the most famous work of Italian literature in the exciting challenge, and one people could not resist.An unique way to do a inimitable cultural experience joing this with the Literary masterpiece and do it accessible to the public.


This is  “Hell in the cave”, a multimedia show dealing with the first Canto of Dantes ‘The Divine Comedy‘.   Dante’s Inferno in the caves of Castellana.  The performance combine dance, voice, sound and lights in the natural scenery of the Caves.  The show is a big multimedia exhibition embracing the entire natural environment as a performance space, where the dynamics of an innovative theater will drive the public into an extraordinary adventure in Dante’s Inferno.

It is an evocative show. Not easy to follow since it took place all around the spectators. Some said only a prepared spectator can fully appreciate the complex work; but everyone can understand the great sacrifice required in the preparation and everyone surrenders to the charm of the place anyhow. The Caves of Castellana infuses anxiety, magic, wonder and mystery. The pubblic is not alone in the cave. There is Dante, Pier delle Vigne, Paolo and Francesca, Carmelo Bene, Vittorio Gassmann, Count Ugolino, and many dancers, acrobats, musicians, sounds, lights and colors.