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Clara from South Korea: unforgettable memory in Puglia

My name is Clara Chung, and I come from South Korea. On April 21,2013, my unforgettable valuable memory has been began. It was my first time to visit Italy, Bari. If someone asks me to describe the city Bari, the first word comes on my mind is “beautiful sea” and “ warm city”. The sea was really beautiful and the city was full of warm people specially my Italian friends that I met. Most specially, while I was staying at Bari, the city gave me a big challenge of consciousness to myself by looking at the beautiful tourist attractions.

I had chance to visit various tourist attractions in Puglia such as Polignano a mare, Trani, and Alberobello… first of all, Polignano a mare was really amazing for me as an Asian girl because of the crystal clear water beach and flanked two sides cliffs. There was a wedding photo shoot while I visited the place, and it was my first time to envy the bride because of the beauty of the place. In Trani, it was great opportunity for me to visit the castle of Trani , which was built in 1233 for Federico II beyond the rocky point extending into the sea, along the Trani coastline. The splendid building inspired me because of its worth of the building. Although it has been built long time ago, the building still had good quality.

Lastly, Alberobello. It is famous for the dry stone dwellings known as trulli. Its special features, and the fact that the buildings are still occupied, made it unique. It also represents a remarkable survival of prehistoric building techniques. In Alberobello, I was inspired of the uniqueness of the town. I thank AIESEC, the largest youth organization in the world, for allowing me to participate at an internship in Puglia, and discover this amazing territory.


Overall, my touristic point of view in Puglia, Bari was beautiful. If I would like to summarize it one phrase, it was an “unforgettable memory in my entire life”. By visiting beautiful places it was another turning point of my life to refresh my exhausted heart. If someone asks me to recommend a place to travel, I would like strongly recommend the place Bari in Puglia.

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