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Amazing “Lunch” Experience in Puglia. Julia from Argentina

Last winter I did an amazing experience in Puglia, one of the best territories ever visited. For six weeks I stayed in Adelfia, a characteristic Apulian town, XI century dated. I am Julia and I am an Argentian girl, just graduated in Economics.

I taught English to students, and I was hosted by a local hosting family. I partecipated at an exchange project in a local elementary school, named EduChange, organized by AIESEC, the largest Youth organization in the world.  Apulians are very warn and kind people, in special when they invite you at  lunch or dinner, composed by very tasty dishes, like mozzarella, ricotta, focaccia, pasta.  During my experience in Puglia, three Apulian places wondered me: sunny Polignano beach, mysterious caves of Castellana, and strange but cute “trulli” of Alberobello. Puglia landscape is so various and surprising, I will never forget these unique places.


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Here tourism combines seaside holidays with cultural tours. A single Holiday is not enough to get the spirit and the tradition of this land.