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A taste of Puglia

A taste of Puglia, because it’s so hot in summer (40C in late July), the best place to be come lunch time is on the beach with a picnic from a deli or at one of the beach clubs, such as hip Porto Ghiacciolo in Monopoli (Ba) near Santo Stefano beach, having spaghetti or clams or sauteed mussels with a beer for less than €10. In any case, lunch is not taken very seriously here and is likely to be simple, perhaps a tuna or Caprese salad or a herb-sprinkled square of foccacia with salad and cheese, along with a glass of cold prosecco, a watermelon-vodka cocktail served in a small melon or the local speciality: lemon soda with a sprig of mint.


‘We Italians are very lazy on holiday. We wake up late, have breakfast, then like to sleep on the beach – and play at night,’ says Davide Zigrino, the chef behind the menu at the cool restaurant at Lido Bosco Verde (about £30 for two), a long, white room overlooking a terrace shaded with olive trees just outside Savelletri. ‘So many places don’t really have guests until 3pm or 4pm. People eat later, when it is cool.’




Pictured: Santo Stefano beach



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